Create, Innovate, Team Up

Create, Innovate, Team Up!!!

These 3 words and the social media, together, have positively changed the dynamics of ‘real in the reel‘ for quite some time now. I remember being a kid, watching the larger-than-life movies, questioning myself that is it really possible? The same question popped up in my mind when the hero performed an unbelievable action stunt or when an experiment in the lab of an estranged mad ambitious scientist resulted in mutation, hence, creating a strange creature #the-ultimate-villain. Haha!!

Not that I didn’t believe any of it as a kid, I just craved for some reality. Now, you might argue that we still had the News Channels showing the daily news, real events, etc.. True but was it enough to make us aware of the real lives(and events) of millions of people around the world, may be it was. But not for me, never for me. I always wondered if its OK to think beyond boundaries, to take things as they come, to break barriers and think free. I kept questioning myself until one day, when I met my partner in crime – the ‘Mr.’ in my life.

As I started to get to know Rahul and his views, I was reminded of not only my questions and the urge for reality but it made me believe that there are more people like me. Every time we shared our opinions regarding various topics, be it our love for science, travel, music, career or ambitions in life – it became a bit more clear to me every time that we are meant to ‘team up’ (as in ‘made for each other‘ – if I say it in a more poetic, movie-ish way). I was still not much aware of social media by that time, unlike Rahul. It’s funny  that leave Facebook account, I didn’t even have an Email ID back then. But eventually, I did sign up for one and then came Facebook, Instagram and so on. But as we (Me and Rahul) grew together as individuals every day, read more blogs, learnt more information on google, watched more YouTube (tech/music/review) videos, traveled to different countries, talked to people, got to know different cultures and backgrounds, every day was more eye-opening for us than the one, before. We learnt to be more accepting, learnt to appreciate everything and everyone in our life, learnt to handle both, ‘the impulse and calm’, likewise.

So, coming back to the topic – the ‘Age of Social Media’ was very evident, rather relevant – it had captured the attention of everyone and we were no exception. It was a time of revolution in human history – the Age of Social Media. It comprised of anything and everything that could potentially spread a message or make a statement like blogging platforms, Reddit,YouTube, etc.. These enabled common people like you and me to share our views through blogs and videos; views related to a product or an event, tutorials related to photography, makeup or even topics like ‘how to fix a broken pipe’ or ‘how to color your black shoes white’ were addressed.

Somehow, it not only enabled people to express, it empowered them, inspired them. Of course, it also made people rich but what’s wrong in it. Just look at how things work today as compared to 15 years before. We don’t blindly buy a product because our favorite actor/actress uses it or because we have seen an advertisement about it. We read/watch the reviews of people who actually use it and I think that’s really cool. I don’t deny the fact that few use this platform for spreading fake news/creating chaos but for once, let’s just discuss the positive side of it; we have enough negativity in the world already. Today, blogging platforms, Instagram, Facebook , YouTube, etc. enable everyone to do something creative, market their own idea, start their own business, hence, empowering the masses.

Hope – Believe – Work – Achieve

These four words have summarized our life so far and will continue to do so. With this video (below), we hope to inspire everyone to not delay their dreams anymore and to just `jetsetgo´.

With this video, we also expect to get feedback from you about the facts or events in your life that motivates you. We will be making our next videos based on your that and you get the credits for that in the video. We have started an initiative so as to team up as a community; brainstorm and together, create something unbelievable. Share your thoughts in the comment section. Let’s create and innovate.


Lots of love




  1. Always had a grudge with that lexicon “mad” scientist.. Glad to see ambitious 😁
    Social media has to be the single most world shaping discovery of this century… One of the positive things I adore about social media is how people have risen up by showcasing their skills in a platform that is not biased. People are always ready to welcome new talents. It’s always inspiring to see someone break the bounds and shine

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    1. Hehe…The term ‘mad’ actually sounded a bit absurd. The scientists in those movies/series/comics are just ambitious, they want to show the world that they are capable of doing something different. So, it occured to me that ‘Are we all not doing that (at some point of our lives)’. You are right – its very inspiring and uplifting to see everyone supporting everyone new, creative and innovative; makes us believe that “Humanity has sustained and it will prevail”

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  2. This one is straight from the heart, I can tell 😊. Your spirit and positive approach towards life and others resonates in your thoughts and words.
    Lovely video and really cool initiative of featuring others in the future shoots.
    What motivates me in life?
    It’s the sense of being free and surrounded with people I care for. Moreover, the liberty to express myself and help others break the chains of apprehensions.
    Not all journeys have destinations and not all destinations are to be reached. Some are only to be enjoyed while the moment lasts 🤸‍♂️.

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    1. Thankyou. Being free and the liberty to express oneself…sounds really good. You are right that its important to live the moment right now, today; let the worries be a part of our past or lets delay the worrying part to the future. You have a wonderful and very lively attitude towards life.


  3. You are so right! Indeed the world is a smaller place now with all the collaboration, learning, sharing and hasn’t team work always yielded positive results!

    Loved the video and looking forward to more 🙂


  4. Glad you two found each other! Lovely video. What motivates me in life is being able to be surrounded by people who are motivated and who motivate others, and also sharing our creativitt with each other and supporting each other! The phrase “be alive, be kind, smile and laugh” also motivates me!


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