The one with the first one – First Blog

Hey Again,

New blogger is in the town.

Yes, I am scared. Scared because I don’t know how well this blog is going to do. But then weren’t we all scared in our first day of school? first day of college? first interview? first day at work? Yes, we were but we passed it and now we are here chasing our dreams. So this first blog jitters will pass (“I’m not afraid!!!” – song by Lord Eminem playing in the background ).

Before I started to write this blog, I googled “How to write first blog to blow readers mind?” and the google search showed me some 11 secrets for epic blog post and let me tell you it was useless – why? I will tell you Why?

(song by Lord Eminem still playing…Let me increase the music)

So, where were we (deep breath)…Oh yes!! we were talking about 11 secrets for first blog to be Epic. Well, it was useless for me because there was nothing new and to be honest I believe that You have to be yourself if you want to connect with your audience. Therefore, I don’t believe that there are some shortcuts that google will tell me to become J.K. Rowling overnight and I am pretty sure if you are still reading my post then you also agree with me (high-five).

So, in this blog I am going to keep it simple. I am going to talk about a boy and let’s call him “mama’s boy” (maybe I should have named this blog “Story of mama’s boy”). This mama’s boy was born in September a true Libra. He was always fascinated about new things and had some crazy ideas (still has). Since his childhood he mastered the art of posing in front of camera.

He didn’t care about what is happening around him. He was living in his own world, a world where wrestling was reaaaaal, a world where if you drink a glass of milk everyday you’ll become superhero. First time when he read Superman comic book, he went to his father and asked “Papa, I want to dress like Superman in my school fancy dress competition” to which his father replied “Son, you don’t need to dress like Superman you are my Superchild“. He was not dumb (trust me, you are wrong if you think children are dumb). He knew his father is giving excuses and he won’t be getting any Superman costume soon but nothing was going to stop him. In his fancy dress competition he participated as Superman although he wore towel as a cape and made a Superman logo and asked his mother to stitch it to his shirt but what the hell! he was living his dream.

Everyone has to go through some hardships in life and he did too but he always believed that his day would come when he will shine like a diamond. Everyday, after coming from School he used to roam around his mother like a Honey-bee while she worked in the kitchen and tell her about his day in School. His mother was his best friend. He knew if he fails in something that doesn’t mean it’s the end and his mother made sure that whenever her child needs her the most, she will be there (respect for all mothers around the world. One question though How do you do it?). Whenever he was sad, she was always there and her “jaadu ki jhappi” (tight hug) always made him calm and focused. He was never scared and didn’t look for the shortest route. He believed in himself and more in his mother –> “Mama’s boy (as Indians say “mummy ka dulaara”)“.

You must be thinking, Why am I talking about this boy? What’s so special about this boy? It’s just a common thing and everyone has experienced the same thing in their life.

Yes, you are absolutely right and indeed there is nothing special about this blog and I am not trying to make it my “First epic blog“. I am telling you this because I believe everyone has gone through this phase of life. However, with age we get little bit insecure and scared when situations goes out of our hands. In these 20 years, things have also changed for this boy. Now, this boy gets Scared. Scared of missing out, scared of failing, scared of what people would think if he does something funny and scared of writing a simple blog about himself.

Now, I ask a question to myself… Why am I scared? What has changed?. To be honest nothing has changed, only the distance from my mother. Now, I am 6,748 km away from my mother (Germany-India) chasing my dreams in Germany and still waiting for a day when I will shine like a diamond. I know, if I fail there is  no place or thing on Earth which could give me the same comfort as I get in my mothers’ arm and to have this feeling, I have to travel 6,748 km and wait for 9 hours just to get that warm & cozy hug from my mother which will assure me that Everything’s gonna be alright. Maybe, I am still a mama’s boy and will always be.

Before ending this blog I would say,

“Life is unpredictable, messy and harsh but relationships around us makes it beautiful”. Cherish it..make a random call to your loved ones every now and then. Let them know how much you love them and make them smile.

Have a nice day!!

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Rahul (mama’s boy – thejetsetgocouple)


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  1. Loved It !! How well written ! We can all relate to it !
    Thanq for telling us that its ok to be scared to things for the first time ! How imp a comforting hug or even the thought of it can be !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Rahul,
    This is a great start. Simply loved it. Keep going!
    I do agree that back in India, most of the boys are Mamma’s boy n girls are Daddy’s gal but that is the best part isn’t it? Our back is always covered with their love n support so that we can do anything n everything (ofcourse for good).
    Follow your passion! Best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Srikar bhaiya, You are right support from our loved ones drive us to take risk and succeed. For your information my next blog will be about following our passion. Hope to hear your feedback about that post also.


  3. Rahul,,You have grown up as a true diamond.. Unbelievable for a boy who had faced optimum hardship and her Mom stood between that hardships and the boy. You have began to shine and may God bless you to shine more and more. And yes Sonali must be given credit to stay beside you. She deserves to experience your shine before anyone else. God bless you both. Will be following your blogs… Interesting and meaningful.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rahul, your post is excellent. You are open and write with humour and honestly. Yes, you are right,
    almost all of us face insecurity about what we write and if it is worthy of putting out there. We could
    call it ‘stage fright’ 🙂
    Maybe the diamond you want to be already is there and you just have to dust it of and let it shine.
    I think so.
    From a fellow writer who gets scared but tells myself off. Main thing is that you right from your heart.


    Liked by 1 person

  5. I enjoyed this your first post Superman and you have done good. Kent Clark would be impressed. A first blog allows others to see the talent you have as a rough diamond amongst us all here. You are a good writer from what I have read so far !

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Your first blog and an ode to your mother ….. it’s so beautiful and heartfelt. I am so glad you didn’t follow the Google advice as original is always epic……. enjoyed reading it 👌

    Liked by 1 person

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