Why “thejetsetgocouple” ??

Hi Everyone,

Every new beginning has a back story!!

We are no different.

It began with our instagram account last year @_jetsetgo and now, the blogs… but why “jetsetgo” ? Why did we chose the title “thejetsetgocouple” to describe us? This is exactly what I am going to address in this blog.

If you have read the previous post from my husband (Mr. Mama’s boy), he has addressed a very commonly known yet less talked about topic … ‘being scared’. Scared to grow up, scared to put forth your point of view, scared to be yourself and often scared to think differently.
And out of all these written scary things, one question has always haunted me – “What have you planned for your future?” 

The only genuine and spontaneous  answer I have is “Nothing” and honestly, I feel it’s ok. I love my life now, I cherish my past experiences and hope for a fulfilling future. Yes, I dream of progress, more happiness, trying out new possibilities, meeting new people, learn from their ideas, share my ideas, make my folks proud of me ( don’t know for what but still… ), pamper my loved ones and get a little more pampered by them.  I aspire to lead a good life, every day better than yesterday. But unfortunately, I don’t have a PLAN for that.

Knowingly or unknowingly, all my actions and decisions have been spontaneous and many times, pretty much impulsive (And hence jetsetgo for everything…LOL).

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor because everyone said it’s cool. When I was a teenager, I dreamt of being a hotshot superstar one day because I thought that was cool and eventually ended up being an engineer after growing up…haha and trust me,  the change of mind didn’t stop there. I started working after my studies were finished, got bored with working in a multinational firm, so, studied more to be a scientist…to innovate. Eventually, I ended up doing just that, innovating, researching and developing but again my priorities changed. Now, I am again working for a multinational giant.

The events and experiences in our life often influence our priorities. Today, my dreams and aspirations are much different from what they were 15 years before. In fact, my life was much different back then. I had not met with my husband. I lived in a cute little town with my cutest little family. My mom with superhuman capabilities of perfectly balancing her personal and professional life. My dad, whom I always looked up to, I would watch him, awestruck for hours teaching his students or just talking about life , thinking that would I ever be able to make a good teacher? There….you caught me….I also considered for a very brief time to be a teacher  when I grow up (my ever-so changing mind) but realized it soon enough that it wasn’t my cup of tea. Coming back to my family, the most important person who inspired me while growing up was My elder brother. He was my Superhero, I wanted to do everything like him, walk, talk, play, eat. Like every brother sister duo, we fought a lot but when crisis hit  we acted as a team … The AVENGERS (Crisis Examples for your reference: Interrogation sessions from parents for questions like ‘Who broke the vase?’, ‘Who walked on the clean floor with muddy shoes?’,’Who finished the milk powder?’…Yassss, milk powder was my ‘favorite’ dessert during childhood . I said it and I am not ashamed!!!) .

I actually never planned to leave home for studies, it eventually happened. I never planned to meet Rahul, fall in love with him and get married but it happened. I never planned in the course of life to have amazing friends who would do anything and everything for me but it happened. So, during my almost-daily self-introspection sessions, the “rebellious self” in me often questions my “sane self” that – when I  have got the most precious people, experiences and memories in life without having it planned, so why plan now??

Is it not ok to let life take its own course?

And so, this is why we jetsetgo and hence the name, ‘thejetsetgocouple’.

In fact I don’t know what our future posts will be. We haven’t planned and we are happy that we haven’t because this uncertainty also feels like a bliss. The thrill of not knowing, the passion to inspire, the courage to aspire defines the spirit of jetsetgo.

See you soon in our next post!
Till then dare to be different, dare to just jetsetgo.

Much Love,


Sonali (‘The impulsive one‘ in thejetsetgocouple)

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  1. Feeling relaxed after reading this, as even I don’t have any plans. While reading what you said about family and carreer, I started imagining. Very beautifully described the name.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. This is awesome dear. Loved it fully!
    Ofcourse life is full of surprize package n u have to be in “jEtseTgO” mode to enjoy as it comes.
    I remember this cute little girl from past 20 years who was (n is) always enthu n full of life. Always loved what she does.. Paths do change n welcoming the change positively is a bliss.
    Now u r a writer as well. Bring on more! All the best dear.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou so much Srikar Bhaiya. Its this encouragement and appreciation from all of you which provides me with the courage to take on new challenges. Hope to keep getting all your support and good wishes. 🙂


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