5 Policemen, 1 Thief and 1 Gun

Hey Everyone,

It’s the mid of the week but still I am happy and excited because today I am going to tell You one of my favorite story (I have many though). First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all the readers for their support and feedback. In my last blog I talked about being scared and how mama’s boy has changed in last 20 years. To be honest it was tough and a bit emotional. So this blog is going to be more on the funny side. This time I am going to write about a true story. I do remember when I told this story to my wife for the first time she thought I was just making stuff. It won’t be wrong to say that sometimes (but really sometimes) I add things up to make stories but it’s creativity (I believe or maybe I had seen too much TV drama in my childhood with my mother…After all I am from the land of Bollywood).


The events and characters depicted in this blog are real (like real REAL). Any similarity to actual persons, might be possible. Yes, its possible that I am talking about you (referencing the real characters here). However, name of the characters have been changed to protect the identity . Maybe, I have added 2-3 fictional characters (I don’t remember) but still event is true.

First let me introduce the characters in this story (for your reference, I have made an amazing picture).

Thief (purple), Gun (middle), Supporting Characters (black) and Main Character (Red)

 I don’t know much about this thief and you’ll know why? So let’s say name of this purple guy is Thief (how creative). The four supporting characters in black are Tillu, Billu, Pillu and Kallu. The name of main character in red is Kamal. Before starting this story let me tell you something about Kamal (our main character). During the time of this incidence Kamal was in his late 20’s. According to Kamal, since his childhood he was very good in running, jumping, swimming and bodybuilding. However, I am not sure if this is true because I haven’t seen him doing such things. As far as I remember, he was a thin boy who was always lazy to go anywhere with his friends but let’s say Kamal was an athletic guy. So, all characters have been described (checked) and now I am going to start the story. A story of “5 Policemen, 1 Thief and 1 Gun“.

It was the summer of 1995, in a small town near Lucknow, India worked a brave, strong and athletic policeman name as Kamal. Kamal was like daredevil (not blind though) of his police station (according to him). He always knew that he was the only one who worked very hard and under his supervision crime rate in that area was going low (again, according to him, though I have heard different stories from other sources). He had only one compunction(complaint??) that his senior officers never appreciated his work. So he always wanted an opportunity in which he would single-handedly catch a criminal. He waited for this opportunity for a long time and always told his friends that one day he will do something so amazing that whole police station and others around, will talk about it.

Finally, on 12.06.1997 he got the opportunity. It was during night-time in the summer. He was sleeping outside his house because it was too hot to sleep inside as there was no electricity in-house since that evening. Suddenly, he heard people shouting thief! thief! catch him! catch him!. He jumped from his bed and without thinking anything else he started running behind the crowd. He was focused, determined that “Today is The Day“. He started running fast and crossed the crowd. In front of him he saw 4 guys running and he quickly recognized that they were Tillu, Billu, Pillu and Kallu. He shouted “Let me handle this. I am going to catch this thief and bring him to the police station“. Tillu replied “Kamal, Tumse na ho payega (You can’t catch him). We have been chasing him for a long time now and are already getting tired but seems like the thief still has a lot of energy left“.  Kamal said “Don’t you know how fast I am? Let me handle this“. He started running faster and crossed these four policemen behind. Like Arjun(a heroic character from the Indian religious epic saga ‘Mahabharata’), Kamal was focused. He kept on chasing this thief. If the thief was jumping from one floor to another, Kamal was also doing the same. There was a point when Kamal crossed the thief and after 100 meters he realized that this is not a race when he saw that thief ran towards other side. He was determined… he was determined to prove to his seniors… he was determined to prove to Tillu, Billu, Pillu and Kallu that he can catch this thief. He chased the thief for 3 hours (according to him), it was getting darker and now this thief entered in the forest area. At this time, Kamal was around 15-20 km away from his house and 30 km away from his police station but he kept on chasing because now he could see that the thief was getting tired. So he ran a little faster and finally caught him somewhere in the middle of the forest.

At this point of time both were tired and breathing heavily. Kamal asked, “What have you stolen?“. The Thief replied, “Nothing much, just some jewellery”. Thief asked “Are you a Policeman?“. Kamal said “Yes, Why?“. Thief said “If you are a Policeman then where is your gun? and show me you ID card“. Kamal was stunned and said with anger “Who are you to ask me about my ID card? and for your information I have a Gun and ID card at my home. I forgot to carry it because I was in a hurry to catch you“. Thief smiled and said “Sir-ji, You forgot your gun but I haven’t. Hands-Up!!!!“. Thief pointed his Gun at Kamal.

Kamal said “Hey-Hey-Hey…W-What are doing? You are doing this wrong. One day you will be caught and I will make sure that you get good punishment for that“. The thief replied “I will see when that time comes but do one thing first, give me your Wallet“. Kamal gave him his wallet. Then he asked for Kamal’s shoes because he didn’t wanted Kamal to chase him again and he knew that without shoes it would be difficult for Kamal to catch him. So Kamal gave him his shoes. After giving his wallet and shoes, Kamal asked “Could you please give me some money from my Wallet? I am too far from my home and I am tired. I need some money to hire my ride back to home“. The thief gave him some money and said “You seem to be a good man but please carry your gun when you are chasing someone like me“. He started leaving, so Kamal asked “At least tell me your name…What is your name?“. Thief replied “Maybe next time….“. Next time never came and here you go that’s why as I said before that I don’t know much about this thief.

Kamal was disappointed and he saw from far away 4 guys were running towards him. As they approached closer to Kamal, he realized they were Tillu, Billu, Pillu and Kallu. They asked Kamal about the thief and about his condition (as he was not wearing any shoes and he looked disappointed). Kamal asked the other policemen “Are you carrying your guns?“. They replied “Yes“. Kamal stopped for a moment and said “I was not“.

Kamal became center of attraction from that day among his colleagues. For next few days, weeks and even months, they made fun of his foolishness. They made fun of him that how a thief robbed him. Kamal never wanted that. He had only one dream, a dream in which “one day he will do something about which the whole police station and everyone around, would talk about“.

Actually, today while writing this post I have realized that he did achieve his dreams. Why am I saying this because after this incidence he was quite famous (in a funny way) for this story among his colleagues and even after 20 years, someone is writing about his funny incidence. So, Kamal your dream came true.

Sometimes, sloppiness has its own advantages, Penicillin and Pacemaker are one of the many inventions resulted due to scientific sloppiness. So, if we try to achieve something but fail miserably then it’s up to us how we take it? Are we going to mourn about it throughout our life or just brush off the dirt, learn from our mistakes and start again to achieve our goals.

Make a habit of finding some positive things (or maybe one) out of a miserable/worst situation

Trust me you’ll thank me one day.

Have a nice week ahead


Rahul (The Storyteller @thejetsetgocouple)



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  1. I absolutely loved it. The way you explained the moral through your story was lovely and awesome. Great way. I must say you are a good story teller.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, In marvel universe Daredevil was blind and he was a lawyer in Hell’s Kitchen. Our main character was a policeman but not blind like daredevil. Thank-you for your comment. Every Wednesday, I am planning to write some funny stories just drop by.


    1. Thanks Eloise. We often aim to do great things but then something goes wrong, we get embarrassed about it and stop dreaming. This story, though funny, speaks about the story of a person who just wanted to show the world that he is capable of doing great things. Glad you liked it. Have a good day.


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