How to make people believe that You are serious?

Do you have this feeling that people around you don’t take you seriously?

They don’t believe you when you are telling some exciting or funny stories. They always think that you are making things up. Just to assure them that you are serious and telling the truth, you take all kinds of swears (“Mummy Kasam” (Swear on Mother), “Bhagwan Kasam” (Swear on God) etc. etc.) but still they don’t believe you.

Is this because maybe one time (OK, maybe 2 or 3 times) you told some funny stories which were 90% fake (but still there was 10% truth) and they found out. From that day onwards, you are trying extremely hard to make them believe that it was just one time thing.

Have you tried one (all) of the following trick/s ?

(depends on severity of your condition and no guarantees if it works or not) 
  1. Grow beard. If growing beard doesn’t work then try shaving your beard
  2. Be humble. Update in all social medias that “Feeling awesome for being Humble
  3. Grow your hair. If growing your hair makes you look more funny then shave it all
  4. Be punctual. Tell everyone to be on time who are even few seconds late in their meeting (Attention : if you are following trick number 2, then you can’t do this or try at your own risk and let me know if it works)
  5. Don’t talk. Serious people talk less. If someone asks you some address just show them using Google Maps in your phone. Don’t you dare say a single word.
  6. Try to focus. To do this trick you need a camera. First set a camera in manual mode and then try to focus with your camera. This is an advanced level trick. Only few can perform it very efficiently; very popular among all the photographers though.
  7. Watch french movies. Even if you don’t understand, watch it.
  8. Read articles which claims that some scientific studies have proven this or that. Even if you don’t find any references to the scientific papers. Even if you know they are totally fake. Read it!
  9. Before going to friends or families, do a quick search on google about current news so that you can talk about some stuff that makes you a person full of information.

These 9 tricks are the golden tricks to become the most serious person on planet earth. These tricks are based on the results from a scientific study that was performed under my supervision. During this study, I was the test subject, I was the researcher and I can assure you, experiments were performed multiple times to check the reliability however success rate was only 0.1%. I believe these tricks would work on at least 0.1% of the total population on Earth. So, it might work on you.

You think, I am joking. Am I?

You think, I am not being serious. Am I?

I can understand you. It maybe because my suggestions are little (just a little) bit funny. Nothing new for me though. Everyone around me also thinks the same because they find my suggestions funny which makes them think that I am not serious. So, now instead of giving you any suggestions I am asking you to help me so that I can make people believe that I am serious.

Before giving me any feedback or suggestions straight away. I think first you should know about my problem (like the doctor asks the patient  about his symptoms first, before giving any medicine). Please read further carefully and then let me know about your suggestions.

Quick note : Everything written down below has some percentage of truth involved.

I always believe there is a conspiracy going on against me. All my cousins or friends have designated a time period (i.e. 8 hours/day) for me in which they don’t believe a single word that I say. They call it ‘No Serious Time Zone’. They believe whatever I tell them it’s just funny and not related to any kind of reality. Many times I have asked them about rest 16 hours of the day to which they say – 6 hours for your sleep and 10 hours for your work in both cases you don’t talk and you are in your own world which makes you look serious. They always say in that time if you tell anything we will believe you but in ‘No Serious Time Zone’ – No chance.

You might be thinking, what’s the problem in it? Well the problem is that it is happening to me since my childhood. During my childhood when I used to ask my parents “Why does nobody take me seriously?” They simply used to say “Awww…How cute?”. Back then I was so dumb that I used to think “Awww…How cute?” was the answer to my question. I thought maybe my mother was trying to say “Son, you are cute that is why mama takes – ‘no serious’ “. Now, I realized that “Awww…How cute?” meant “mama likes – ‘no disturb’. Mama watch TV. Son go play Cute Cute with others”.  During my bachelor’s degree, even my professors used to think that I am just a funny guy and not serious about my studies. They used to get surprised to know that I was in the Top 3 students in my batch. They used to say you don’t look like a topper material. Now, I had 2 problems, first, to look serious and second to look like ‘Nerd’ so that the people think that I am serious guy. So I started watching Big Bang theory. Didn’t work; helped with nerdy jokes though.

Well, It was still OK for me. But then as I grew up, my mother also started thinking that I was not serious.  I asked her “mama why not – me serious?”  to which she used to reply “because son your shirt’s – no tucked in “.  For her, definition of seriousness is to be well groomed and well dressed, all the time. Specially the shirt tucked in. She always thought that I am not so serious because I like to wear some weird t-shirts, torn jeans and dirty shoes. I do remember when I called her to tell her that I got an admission for Masters’ in Germany , she thought that I was joking. I might be going to some cool holiday destination for some days and will be back in 1 or 2 weeks. I told her “mama son – no joking” and even showed her my VISA and  flight tickets. She didn’t say anything, she just picked up her phone, called my wife to confirm if I was serious.

Trust me after this incident, I wrote on different forums the same question which happened to be the topic of my blog today “How to make people believe that You are serious?”. From one of the forums, within few minutes I got a reply saying “Rahul bhaiya (brother), stop posting funny things in this forum. I know you aren’t serious. Regards, Your Cousin”. I mean seriously? Have you (Yes…You) found reading this blog funny? I am pretty sure that your answer is No. Why do my loved ones think that I am funny? I mean look at my picture below, don’t I look serious?


Yes I do. Right? (Please ignore the word ‘INMATE’ written on my T-Shirt. It was a trip to Amsterdam with friends and I was excited. So, maybe my expression’s a little bit over the top)

Anyways, I love my wife (trust me I am serious). I do remember when I got down on one knee to propose her right in the middle of crowded area but she thought I was kidding. For the first five minutes, it was awkward because all people were confused and waiting for my wife’s answer but after 5 minutes they didn’t care and my knees also started hurting. Thankfully, she understood that:

  • I was serious
  • I was so serious that no matter wherever and whenever she wants me, I will be there for her.
  • In that moment, she was pretty sure that I won’t allow her to carry any load(heavy or light), even a single shopping bag.
  • She was pretty sure that she will be pampered and feel safe whenever she hugs me.
  • She realized that all her tensions and worries will be taken care off by this guy who is kneeling down in front of her for the last 10 minutes
  • She just needed to believe in me and say Yes

…and she said Yes – Our Jet.Set.Go moment

It took only 10 minutes to make her understand and without saying a single word that she can believe in me that I was serious. So, I would say there is no such definition or mantra to look serious so that people believe in you.

You know what, now I think it’s OK not to look serious or believable all the time. Let yourself loose. Have fun in your life. Add some “No Serious Time Zones” in your daily life and make sure to have good time with people around you. Make them laugh. Be foolish..Be dumb..Just Jet-Set-Go

Thought of “How to make people believe that You are serious?” is abandoned.

Edited: My wife is funny, I wrote such an intense and serious topic and what she did? She posted in the funny stories section of THEJETSETGOCOUPLE.

Rahul (24*7 Serious thinker in @thejetsetgocouple)


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  1. Lol. Definitely watching foreign language films will signal to people that you are very serious in life. My grandparents would also say that cutting your hair and beard make you look serious to people. Lol. Different times now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your fifth tip was seriously my favorite. “Don’t talk. Serious people talk less. If someone asks you some address just show them using Google Maps in your phone. Don’t you dare say a single word.” Hilarious, but true.

    Liked by 1 person

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