Let there be gravels, let there be stones

Let there be obstacles, let there be thorns

Blocks, hitches, hurdles and bumps

Bring them on … Oh life!

For the mind complains, the heart mourns

but when the soul is pure, it triumphs!


The mind fears, the heart gets worried

but the path has been chosen;

the soul has decided.

It won’t fail, It won’t lose

It will walk the coarse path,

be it, scuttled or scurried.


Let there be hurdles, let there be hindrances

Let there be obstacles, let there be thorns

No misery too colossal

It cannot be distracted

It will learn, it will try

It may win, it may lose

It may rise, it may fall

It knows no pros and cons.


Have a wonderful day everyone. Cheers to the spirit in each one of us!

Cheers to the soul! Have an eventful weekend. 🙂

Much love,


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