The Dark forest – ‘The beginning’

Dark was the forest, gloomy were its leaves

Bleak was the space, solitude in the air

No light, no plight, no reflection, no sight

Afar, I heard the wail and cries,

A frail shadow, I saw

sitting behind the farthest tree

Shrouded in a veil so grimm,

the old woman greaved.


She sulked in silence

holding a red scarf

My mind, filled with dilemma

“Should I go ahead?,

Must I help?”-

A pool of questions in my head,

Oh… I felt so drowned.

I braved my fear

but my steps – dwarfed.


As I moved ahead with caution,

I got a strange sensation

The cries had stopped,

the shadow disappeared.

The scarf was still there;

no human but a string of pearls

lie there, half – scattered.


Keep reading….the story continues in ‘The Dark Forest – Part 2.


Copyright © thejetsetgocouple 2018 All Rights Reserved

(The terms and conditions for Copyright applies to all the content in this website, including photographs, unless stated otherwise.)



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