The Dark Forest – Part 2

Excerpts from ‘The beginning’ for reference:

The cries had stopped,

the shadow disappeared.

The scarf was still there;

no human but a string of pearls

lie there, half – scattered.


I stared at the pearls with utter disbelief

No sign of a mortal nearby,

only the doomed silence

and the moist sheaf.

I felt my body shudder,

the breeze had stopped;

fear gripped my mind,

I stood there motionless,

my thoughts, intertwined.


At that moment of eerie

a thick mist started growing

“Go back, Run!”,

thought my sane self.

But instead, my curiosity won.

And so, I marched ahead

to the shady woody chalet,

where a water wheel spun.


“The grieving woman lives in the house”

reasoned I with myself.

I must check on her,

thought I, “she might need my help”.

I aired forward

but my gait swapped

from canter to a trot,

trot to a schelp.

when suddenly…


The mystery unfolds further in ‘Part – 3‘. Until then…

Stay safe, stay happy.


Read Part – 1 here                                                                                                               Next ->


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