The Dark Forest – Part 3

Excerpts from ‘Part – 2‘ for reference (Read from ‘the beginning‘ here):

I aired forward

but my gait swapped

from canter to a trot,

trot to a schelp.

when suddenly…


I could hear my name

echoed in the dead air;

the voice so hushed,

came from the distant obverse.

A mocking laughter,

felt the human in me, being crushed.

A gust of wind so violent,

flinged my hair hither and tither.


Shaken to the core

“but the fear wins no more”,

Told I to myself,

“the fear, I must outgrow.”

Through the fissures in the door

shone a lambent light

like a golden contour

in this dark mystical night.


Still conflicted in thoughts

I hauled my arm

moved the door lever,

hands still trembling;

a sweat-drop dripped from my forehead

to my left cheek

Just then…all of a sudden,

the door stood open with a loud creak.


The mystery still haunts, questions still remain unanswered; more to be unravelled in the Part – 4 . Keep reading!

Part – 1 , Part – 2                                                                                                                Next Part ->



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