The Dark Forest – Part 4

Excerpts from ‘Part – 3‘ for reference(Read from ‘the beginning‘ here):

a sweat-drop dripping from my forehead,

rolled to my left cheek

Just then…all of a sudden,

the door stood open with a loud creak.


I was taken aback.

Evanescent fear

followed by sheer vigilance.

I could, at once,

feel all my senses,

sharp like a spear.


I put forth my first step inside,

cutting through the clutter,

canny and wary.

In the glimmery light

with shrunken sight,

aghast and petrified,

herd of doubts

grumbling in my mind,

“what’s wrong, what’s right?”


I probed through the house,

entered a room… ohh so fetid!

I felt the stink choking my breath,

no trace of light,

darker than the darkest night.

My feet could feel the floor,

filthy and sticky,

like a fluid flowing through it.

The same old red scarf

lying orphaned on the floor,

shone in the dark.

The thought of possibilities

made my innerself icky.


Just then, I could feel,

a crawl up my feet,

clingling to the ankle, locking my knee.

It’s nails so stingy, the hold so tight

At that moment, I knew

I will never again see the light…


Unsolved riddles and unexplained phenomenon; hope the upcoming post enlightens more as the ‘finale’ is revealed.

See you in the next post.

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3                                                                                                           FINALE


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