The Dark Forest – Finale

Excerpts from Part 4 for reference (Read from ‘the beginning‘ here):

clingling to the ankle, locking my knee.

It’s nails so stingy, the hold so tight

At that moment, I knew

I will never again see the light.


Startled and stumped,

frozen and numb.

My vision faded slowly,

thawing like molten wax;

my voice diminished, gagged by the scarf,

I could neither scream nor shout;

weakened knees, torpid reflexes

my consciousness gave up, I passed out.


A hypnic jerk woke me up,

head ladden with pain.

Eyelids struggled to open

in the bright sunlight,

like being stuck in a state of clopen.

I felt confused, my head hurt more

as if thrashed by a lightning strike.


There I was, in my room

Cosy and cuddly, lying on the bed.

“Was it a dream?”

enquired my reality

“or am I already dead”

questioned my brain.

Alas! Overwhelmed, I took a deep breath,

felt a sense of relief, appreciated the day;

smiled a little, walked to the window

to absorb the events, to comprehend my dreams.


A sharp bout of spasm, a sickening cramp,

“Ahh”, yelled I;

my body restarined, yearned to retreat.

To my horror, it was the scarf

coiled across my ankle and the “claw- wound” beneath.

Terror-stricken and disconcerted,

like trapped amidst a turbulent strife;

the mystery of the dark forest have haunted me ever since;

burdened forever, scarred for life.


What happened that night is still a question with no plausible answers. The forest seemed so strange and scary yet so comforting, a place. I was drawn to the strange events yet I woke up on my bed the next day.

Still looking for answers – Dream or Reality?

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