It’s OK !!

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned in my previous blog, the title of today’s blog is something that I tell myself and people around me all the time – “It’s Ok“.

It’s Ok to be happy all the time, it’s OK to be sad.
It’s OK to be angry, it’s OK to be mad
Noone can decide for you, noone knows how you feel
Just remember!!
You are one of a kind, you are a big deal

World?? Yeah they say they know everything
They say that they decide
They say they can make you win
but its their laws you must abide
But just remember!!
Its your life, your fight, your stride
your fall, your rise, your pride

It’s Ok to be brave, it’s Ok you take risks
It’s OK to be bold and say the truth
After all you have earned it, it’s your meal
Just remember!!
You are one of a kind, you are a big deal

Written by Sonali (‘Me’ – ofcourse!!)

You see, it’s ok to feel whatever you want, it’s ok be whatever you want to be. After all our actions are our own choice. We decide to be rude or polite. We decide to be  disappointed for failure or strive harder for success in the next attempt. It’s Ok to feel insecured sometimes. It’s ok to be confused and clueless. You should be Ok to show all your emotions unapologetically to your friends, family, strangers but Why??

Well!! Because ….It’s ok. No, seriously, it’s actually healthy to be like that, to be able to accept your emotions and express it without any reservations. It costs nothing to do so but definitely does a lot of harm to you when you try to veil your emotions in the process of convincing the world that everything is fine and flawless in your life. Don’t believe me. Just check out the internet you will find plenty of search results to prove my point above.

One may ask that, “Even if I say (or believe) that ‘It’s OK’ for everything in life but what are its boundaries?? What is the extent till which I can say It’s Ok??”  Is it Ok to hurt someone by saying negative things about them or is it OK to discourage somebody or is it OK to not raise my voice even when I am being wronged?? Is it Ok to allow someone else to take credit for my work ?? Is it OK to try downwards hiking into an active volcano crater?? Is it OK to go deep sea swimming in icy cold water or is it OK to just laugh insanely all of sudden while walking on a crowded street?


I firmly believe that there is no right answer; I mean its your choice. Every individual is born free, you can do whatever you want. Its you who must decide that what is OK for you. Every individual is different from the other and everyone have their own unique situations, so, generalizing the answer to this question would be unfair.

Today, we are told more about ” What is not OK” as compared to ” What is Ok“. Infact, not just in recent times but even if we dig the oldest of existing records, one would find two important words summarising the humans altogether – “GOOD” and “EVIL”. You must have also very commonly heard that ‘Good’ always wins and trust me I had the same opinion for a very long time. Good wins over Evil.  But how do we know for sure, when something’s bad. What is  the necessary criteria of ‘evil’? How quick are we in judging. Kudos to us!! ‘Good, bad, angel, evil’. Wow, we are really awesome – Aren’t We?

This may sound funny but my whole perspective changed when I started watching ‘Game of Thrones’ few years back. Yes, I am serious. I am a big fan because its the first series that doesn’t talk much about good and evil because the author (of the book from which the series is inspired) doesn’t believe in ‘good’ or ‘evil’. The story starts, moves at its own pace, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. All the characters have different personalities but the way they have transformed from good to bad to good again and then bad. You see… everything is circumstancial. A person is not good or bad, our circumstances dictate our actions. Its our innate nature; we are the slaves of our necessities. The calmest, most docile person you know might turn into a furious being when it comes to protecting his/her family. You would run faster than the fastest runner in the world if chased by a dangerous animal or if running to save your life. Human beings have great potential and the potential is unleashed only when the situation demands.

If you are a history enthusiast like me, you would agree that great wars have started because of silly confusions; seemingly impossible feats have been achieved by many, just making the most of chaos. It’s very important to remember that Ordinary people always end up doing extra-ordinary tasks. It is the ordinary people like these who have faced many difficulties, passed all the hurdles, failed, failed many times but kept trying with patience and perservance because they know deep down in their heart that “It’s ok” to struggle, to be riddiculed, to be not believed, to face setbacks because one day, they will shine, brighter than any star in the sky.

So, just remember, whenever you are in a bad situation, whenever you feel low, you miss a deadline, your efforts are not appreciated, you are not believed or you feel you are alone, just remember one thing that “It’s Ok” because you are going to be OK. You will be successful because you are not ready to give up yet.

Stay srong! Stay invincible! Don’t worry for the end result. Just jetsetgo and everything will be fine.

Much Love


Sonali (Always high-spirited @thejetsetgocouple)


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  1. Thanks for this “feel good” article. Feeling “ok” actually depends on how we react to different life situations. We can either sulk and fill our days with anxiety, or see the humor in the situation and say its okay, and move forward once again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Everything depends on how we react to certain things we encounter in life. If we look at things in a positive way, then life is definitely okay.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I do love the poem. Although in thinking about it I think there is a distinct difference between told what it’s ok to feel, and what it’s ok to be. It is ok to feel anger. But it’s not ok to be angry in such a way you harm people or yourself. It’s ok to feel sad. It’s ok to feel happy. But if you let that happiness mean you dance during a person’s funeral, you might want to tone down your exuberance. I just think that we should never be told what or how to feel. But expressions of what is the appropriate way to act is different.


    1. Very true. We should never be told what or how to feel about various things. People are different and their way of expression for everything is different. We must remember that and try not to be judgemental.


  4. My favorite line in your post was “Stay srong! Stay invincible! Don’t worry for the end result. Just jetsetgo and everything will be fine,” the words gave me a sense of peace and calmness.

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