Life in a Nutshell : Mathematical Analysis

The title of this blog seems to be a bit cliché-d, Right?.

I also agree with you. But lets try to explore this topic because I believe everyday or maybe once in a week or month, we say something about our life. In a single word or sentence, we try to explain – ‘How life is treating us?’ When we are happy then life is good, else its bad. When we struggle then life is hard, else its easy. Definition of life changes continuously and assuming that ‘definition of life’ is a dependent variable, the situation would then be defined as a predictor. In different situations we have different definitions of life. However, in same situation one can observe that different age groups will also have different definitions of life. Hence, ‘situation’ is not the only factor;  ‘age’ also contributes to decide how life is treating us?

But still it won’t be right to say that Situation and Age are the critical factors that can influence us to define Life. To understand about this topic, I asked people from different age groups that ‘How is life?’ to which I got answers like:

Life is good

Life sucks

Life is hard

Life? What?

Life is boring

Most of the time I have found people from same age group and in the same situation have different perception towards life. Then I added a third variable in the analysis that is ‘Education’. People from same age group, situation but different education had different definitions of life. However, there was still some deviation which resulted from the ‘attitude’ of an individual. Now, I could see my equation was shaping up as age, situation, education and attitude were defining the definition of life very closely. But still there was something missing.

Now, you might think why am I looking for a mathematical approach to find the definition of Life? It is because I would like to know ingredients that could be used to make our life perfect. I am analyzing ingredients/factors like age, situation, education, attitude because if we know a relationship between these factors and life; changing one or some dependent variable could possibly make our life perfect. (This is the scientist in me thinking.)

For example, a 10 years old boy considers his life perfect when he has enough to eat, sleep and play; however, a 30 years old man would think quite the opposite . So how can this man achieve a perfect life at this age? Maybe he has to change some of his variables in the equation of life. Variables like his attitude or situations or education (can’t change age) could be changed to come close to the perfection level but how one can say, by what amount each variable has to be changed. Is there a factor we are talking about here?  That’s why I am looking for a mathematical equation.

But as the  number of people in the test group increased, my mathematical approach of defining life started failing. It started failing because now I could see the different factors that I haven’t considered while creating a mathematical analysis. Factors like people who are Alcoholic, Smokers, Addicts, orphaned, abused, etc., each individual has a different definition of life and rightfully so. People working 9-5 have different definition, businessmen have it different , homemakers, daily wagers, creative thinkers, artists, street performers, doctors, architects; all of them have different definitions.

After rigorous analysis for quite some time, I came to the point where I felt my approach to finding the meaning of life was in the wrong direction. I realized that the definition of life depends on your aim and motivation towards your goal. In simple words, a ‘Purpose‘. A purpose that defines our way of looking at things. Life with a purpose is itself its definition. To realize this, it took me several years. I wasted my time calculating the definition of life by some mathematical function. However, I have realized with time, talking with so many groups of people that we can’t contain or define ‘Life’ in a single and general form .

Life itself has several definitions and dependent on how one wants to live or be known? Are you living with an aim or purpose or living without any aim, just following the herd of sheep? Following your passion, chasing your dream, love, writing, photography literaly anything, can be a purpose of your life and when you have a purpose, your definition of life will be based on that.

Some things in this world cannot be explained with words or mathematical equations. There are often times when all logic and experiences fail to assess a certain situation. It is your aim or goal that you have set for your life that drives you and brings the best in you. This goal and ‘Purpose’ is the real definition of your life.

What do you think? What is your definition of Life?



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  1. We define life based on our experiences, mostly crafted by what happens around us and how we react to and with it. Even though we mess things up by ourselves, there are certain factors that you can’t control.
    You have a traumatic childhood that leaves you damaged for lifetime and you see its mark in the way you interact with people and things.
    Life’s full of things you can’t control.

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    1. True that Bharath. Our experiences help build our personalities. Life offers us a never-ending process of learning and when that is acknowledged, positivity and rational thinking can be used to erase or atleast convalesce the traumatic incidents of the past. Thanks for stopping by.


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