No right answers.

The poet – Lonely or revelling in the solitude?

The Mighty Leader – Sagacious or naive?

Technology – Invented or discovered?

Borders – Factual or fictitious?

Mind – lazy or creative?

Life – lived or survived?

Reflection – Mirage or reality?

The history – made or repeated?

The truth – expressed or manipulated?

The Evil – exists or just a vague imagination?

All these questions – Curiosity or inane thoughts?

What do you think? We don’t have ‘one’ right answer for any of the questions above but if you do, please mention in the comments section below.

Happy Weekend!!

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    1. Yaa true. The inspiring stories shared by you often portray great innovators and technologists but indeed all great inventions have resulted out of the urge or need for a better/comfortable life. So, gets mind into wondering – Lazy or Creative? Wierd..isn’t it?

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