Odd one out ?

The odd one always stands out;
alone in the crowd
like the dark storm cloud.
It yearns inclusion;
to belong, to connect
to accord, to associate
to befit the congregation.

It wants to fit in,
wants to feel akin
but it has been gifted,
its solitude – thrifted.
It is unique, the only one of its kind.
No clone, no twin;
its the curse of mutation
to which it shall bind.

Copyright © thejetsetgocouple 2018 All Rights Reserved

(The terms and conditions for Copyright applies to all the content in this website, including photographs, unless stated otherwise.)




  1. I believe being odd is the best thing that could happen to anyone, There is no one alike and yes, the feeling of an outcast does bother, but it does teach one to be even more strong and independent.


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