Hello Everyone,

Firstly, We would like to welcome you to our blog.

Most common question that emerges when somebody visits a bloggers’ page is:

“What is their blogsite about? Are they just going to talk about travel? babies? home decor? makeup? crafts? photography?”

To be honest ,“We don’t know, maybe down the line we would but for now, NO IDEA (as Germans say – keine Ahnung)”

We are thinking of sharing our random thoughts and daily photography in the beginning and more about our travel experiences in the near future (NO, we will not sell you any deals but if you want to know about some place where we have been before and there have been plenty of them ūüėČ , we will be happy to help). For now, we will talk about day-to-day life . In short, “it would be random and what the hell!! We all had made some random decisions in our past , done some funny things which we are embarrassed about, random road trips, late night parties and what not”. Everything in our life had been and is going to be random and the way we manage it differentiates us from each other.

Some quick points about us (main objective of this page) before we divert from the current theme. So here we go:

1. Long time couples going strong for the last 12 years
2. Met each other when quite young
3. Had an awesome time dating
4. Got married after dating for 6 years
5. Proud geeks
6. Life dedicated to Science
7. Enjoy silly comedy movies
8. He likes photography, She likes travelling
9. She is the active one and he is the lazy bum
10. He likes winter while she loves summer

Both of us are from India (Sweet mother land). Now, living in Germany (Land of Beer and Curry-wurst).

Join us in our journey and let us know about your experiences.


Sonali & Rahul

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